• The Marvelous Paracosm of
    Fitz Faraday
    and the Shapers of the Id

    Described as Harry Potter meets Stranger Things: when the town scientist, Professor Crowley, is murdered, right after completing his insaniac machine, The Cognitive Resonator (which is what makes id shaping possible), Fitz Faraday and his two best friends uncover Crowley's mysteries of secret experiments, impossible psychic forces, and one terrifying monster of the id. Ready to discover how the Marvelous Paracosm works?


    “...graced with what has to be one of the longest titles I have ever encountered... the story told needs such a gigantic title to encompass it!”
    - Andrew Reynolds, Chicago Writer's Assoc


    "...you won't want to put it down... ​Complete with intriguing characters and clever twists, you won't soon forget about the Shapers of the Id."
    - Mary Bramwell, author of When I Was Seven


    "This coming of age novel is one that clearly keeps a reader's interest and hooks them further in..."

    - Danielle Urban, Urban Book Reviews

  • Everything you never knew you wanted to know about the Marvelous Paracosm AND FITZ FARADAY

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    After witnessing the murder of Professor Oliver Crowley, who has invented a way of bringing thoughts into physical reality, Fitz Faraday and his friends must exonerate the town bully, who is being framed for the murder. To do so, Fitz must master Professor Crowley’s technique of:


    “Thought becomes light and light becomes physical.”


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